9 Quick Tips

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Inc.com published an article “9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier” that suggest that minor changes in your everyday routine can make you happy.

tomatoes_mushrooms• Start each day with the expectation that something great is going to happen
• Plan and prioritize your day setting the most important task as the first one you will tackle
• Give a gift to everyone you meet, a smile, a compliment, it does not have to be material for a gift to be well received
• Do not argue about politics or religion because there is never a “right” answer for all
• Believe people have good intentions
• Eat high-quality food slowly, taste and savor them
• Turn off that background TV noise that makes you feel like there are people in the room
• Be grateful at the end of the day for at least one wonderful thing that happened. If you can find one, be thankful you’re alive

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