9 Simple Daily Practices

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In his book, Choose Yourself James Altucher suggests doing one simple thing every day to people who type a certain phrase into google. Most of the people who type this phrase usually end up on his blog. You’ll have to read his book in order to know what the phrase is, but here are a few of the simple things that could contribute to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


  1. No TV
  2. Eliminate junk food
  3. No complaining for a whole day
  4. Express thanks to a friend
  5. Read any inspirational spiritual text
  6. Take up a hobby
  7. Think of 10 people you are grateful for
  8. Forgive someone
  9. Tell someone every day that you love them

Simple daily changes in our lives can help us become better individuals, thereby creating a better society. He did at least one thing on his list every day and it kept him alive when he wanted to die.

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