Failed Relationships

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sad_manFailed relationships are difficult to handle. When they end, be friends, partners or even with your employer, they leave us with a lot of questions. We feel that we need to evaluate what happened, who’s at fault for the failure and how do we move on.

There are 3 things that you can do when a relationship fails and NO one is not “let’s try it again.”

  1. Forgive:   This will give you a sense of peace and will not allow bitterness to find a way to settle and live within you.
  2. Do not look for who is responsible:   Accept that not all things are meant to be and move on.
  3. See the glass half full:  Seeing the glass half full and that you are now on a journey to find a better friend, partner or employer will stir up positive emotions that will bring that perfect relationship into your life.

Failure is part of life. It allows us to learn from our experience and become better human beings if we choose to learn from them rather than dwell on it.

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