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Have a lust for life? Want to pursue a more laid-back lifestyle? Then welcome to Viejete, a website dedicated to sharing my own experiences, tips, and recommendations for living a better life. 

One of the most important things to understand when considering how to live is that roots are for trees! Don’t let yourself become inhibited by any limitations in your life. Jobs are important, stability is important, but there are ways to get stability while also feeding your soul. 

Opening up to the outside world and embracing your own freedom allows you to travel around with ease and not feel tied down. In a society that pressures us to make definitive decisions, settle down, become invested in debt, it’s important to remember that sovereignty can come in the most unexpected places. 

Traveling the world, seeing cultures through the eyes of other people, and planning for tomorrow as opposed to 10 years out can all be relieving things in contrast to the general worries and anxiety that surrounds life in the 21st century. 

On this website I hope you’ll be able to learn more about living a more laid-back life and through reading about my experiences learn things that you wouldn’t have known before.  So let’s get to it!