Just Be Sincere and Tell People What You Want

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I was listening to a podcast called  The Art of Charm and they were interviewing  Christine Hassler, who wrote a book called  Expectation Hangover, which I have not read. She said that people do not tell others what they want or expect. In other words, we want people to read our minds and guess what we want and when they don’t, we’re disappointed.

She said, “don’t go to a Chinese restaurant and order nachos.” It’s a lot better to let people know what is going on instead of having them guess and later be disappointed because they did not guess correctly.

We expect people to behave the way we want them to; when in reality we’re just projecting how we would have dealt with the situation.

She advises to accept people for who they are and create agreements with them instead of expecting them to be mind readers

Just tell them whJack_Daniel's_Signat you want! “I’ll like a Jack on the rocks, please.”

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