Life’s Little Handbook

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There is a small book called “Life’s Little Handbook of Wisdom” by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz which I recommend you pick up. It has 500 collections of practical tips to help you navigate through this beautiful thing we call life.

I will briefly state a few that I found very simple, easy to follow and can make a world of a difference. I’ve written them in the order they appear in their little book.

1. Meet the Lord every morning.

14. Pray for people who dislike you.

22. If you can’t afford it, you don’t need it.

27. Read for fifteen minutes every night before you go to bed.

180. Hug your kids.

410. Don’t be afraid to ask.

421. Don’t let your dreams die.

464. Let your kids develop their own style.

I will add my own “Think less about living and live more the life you want.”

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