Old person in the club

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Father Time


Where did the time go? Getting old to some is not something they don’t look forward to, but actually, it’s a very good thing. It means you are still alive and blessed with another day to pursue what you want, no matter what your age.

When we enter our 40s we have to make decisions we never thought about before. We no longer can wear the shorts that look cool on Johnny Manziel or Jay-Z. We can’t pull off wearing stylish jeans and jerseys targeted at millennials.  No more cool sneakers,  trending colorful shoes or tight clothes.

Growing old is not that painful

It’s time to grow up and become like that fine bottle of wine which is only good because its aged. Life is not over, now you get to appreciate the finer things in life. You get to travel and enjoy the world. Learn about different cultures, hobbies, cities, and new things.

I know we still think we can hang out and it seems like it’s still 1999. But no, that stage of our lives has passed and it’s time to move our groove onto the next one. We can’t be the “old person” in the club anymore, make room for the younger generation to occupy that dance floor. It’s their turn to shake their thang.

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