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Have a lust for life? Enjoy traveling and want to pursue a more laid-back lifestyle? The idea of a bohemian living has been a popular way of life and a way to experience the world. All this while exploring yourself and learning a lot about the surrounding areas on geographic and cultural levels.

relaxation, coffee, glasses, barrel type deskToday you can pursue this lifestyle by using various online tools, apps, and resources that will make your experiences easier and memorable. This is why I started Viejete, a website dedicated to sharing my own experiences for living a more relaxed lifestyle.

No Limits Living

One of the most important things to understand when considering this lifestyle is that roots are for trees! Don’t let yourself become inhibited by any limitations in your life. Jobs are important, stability is important, but there are ways to get stability while also feeding your soul.

Having an itinerary for your life is key, but not always necessary. Knowing where you want to go can be a relieving precedent to fall back on during moments of uncertainty. But it is also practical to play it by ear and allow yourself to embrace the spontaneity of the moment.

Tips To Relax Living

I’ll be writing about my interest in grooming products, fashion and travel to help you stay abreast of trends. I’ll be posting about things that could interest those who are entering or are already in the relaxed mindset.

Let’s Get To It!

If you’re on this website, I’m assuming all of the above appeals to you…even if not, why wouldn’t it? Opening up to the outside world and embracing your own freedom allows you to live with ease and not feel tied down. In a society that pressures us to make definitive decisions, settle down, become invested in debt, it’s important to remember that sovereignty can come in the most unexpected places. Approaching life from a more “think less live more” attitude and seeing it through the eyes of other people, and planning for tomorrow as opposed to 10 years out can all be relieving things in contrast to the general worries and anxiety that surrounds life in the 21st century.