The single life

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So you’re sitting around wondering when the right person will enter your life and then things will be just perfect. Being single is rough sometimes, but it has a lot more advantages than being able to control the remote.

This is an opportunity for you to travel and explore the world without having to coordinate with someone else’s schedule. You’ll have the opportunity to become a more rounded individual by expanding your horizons.

This alone time will give you an opportunity to evaluate what YOU want from a relationship and give you a clear vision of what you are looking for in a partner. Take this unique chance to indulge in your passion and achieve more selfish goals that would be more difficult to accomplish if you were in a relationship.

Go out and learn a new skill or take a non-credit course. Learn, learn, learn and most of all apply what you learn.
Don’t live thinking about being single; just live the single life that you’ve been blessed with.

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