Upgrade your life

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Not only operating systems need upgrades

I am sure you’ve noticed that every once in a while your device or personal computer ask for permission to upgrade an app or software you have installed. Most of the type we just accept the terms, without reading them, and proceed to upgrade.

We do this without thinking and most of the time we don’t even know if we’re getting anything really worth the time and data consumption to upgrade. We just assume “it’s going to be better.”

Time to upgrade

We should take this same attitude in life. We should upgrade all areas of our lives every time there is an opportunity.

  • When a relationship ends, upgrade to a better partner.
  • When you lose your job or find a new opportunity, make sure you are upgrading.
  • When buying clothes, upgrade your wardrobe to what you really want to wear.

Consistently upgrade always knowing “it’s going to be better.”

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